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  • Ivonne J. Arroyo

    Ivonne J. Arroyo

    Billing Manager

    Ivonne is eager to assist and has been a member of Dr. Dan’s team since 2012. She keeps busy with her son and loves to be surrounded by kids — whether her cousins, nieces, nephews or your little ones, you can count on Ivonne to keep smiles coming! A Chicago enthusiast, Ivonne would love to share her favorite city hot spots with you and your family. Her favorite book is Maurice Sendak’s, Where The Wild Things Are so look out for wild rumpus!

  • Nelly Bolanos

    Nelly Bolanos


    A student! An active volunteer! Busy Nelly has known Dr. Dan since 2011. She has been a camp counselor and continues to spend Friday nights mentoring teens in her parish while keeping up with school. When she’s not in the office or studying, Nelly enjoys relaxing with a book collection full of good mysteries and some unbelievable fiction!

  • Valerie Nielsen, R.N.

    Valerie Nielsen, R.N.

    Registered Nurse

    Valerie and Dr. Dan have been working together since 2012. She’s from Toronto, Canada, and has spent time volunteering in Bolivia, but now calls Illinois home. Valerie has been working with children for years and can’t wait to welcome you and your little one to the practice. In her free time, Valerie enjoys volunteering with her church community and dabbling with acrylic paint. She’s also a total professional when it comes to playing, “I Spy!”

  • Misty Olivarez, C.M.A.

    Misty Olivarez, C.M.A.

    Certified Medical Assistant

    Misty brings over seven years of pediatric experience to Weissbluth Pediatrics and is eager to share her expertise with you and your family! She’s a Chicago native and met Dr. Dan in 2012. Misty loves spending time with her daughter, Summer and reading to her every day! Ask Misty about her favorite book set, and you’ll surely be a fan of Little Pea, Little Oink and Little Hoot too — eating, cleaning and sleeping never seemed so exciting!

  • Stephanie



    Stephanie is a born and raised “Chicago girl” (Logan Square) and loves kids. She can be found listening to lots of music on her free time and sometimes in the office. Having volunteered in a preschool class, she knows how exhausted parents can be when they come into the office and is happy to help– just ask! Her favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham.

  • Michael

    Michael Skupien

    Office Manager

    Michael joined Weissbluth Pediatrics in 2013 after many years of experience in healthcare management. Originally from Glen Ellyn, he currently lives in Lincoln Park and loves running and playing rugby. Aside from creating an office rugby team, his other goals are to maintain optimal patient experience as the organization grows in breadth and depth. No surprise here: his favorite book is The Little Engine That Could

  • Daniel Weissbluth

    Daniel Weissbluth

    M.D., F.A.A.P.

    Blending a positive attitude and years of education and experience, Dr. Dan makes sure that a visit with him is smooth for kids and reassuring for parents. Dr. Dan attended Rosalind Franklin University of Medical Science/Chicago Medical School and is Board Certified. He completed his pediatric training at Indiana University Riley Children’s Hospital and is currently an Instructor of Clinical Pediatrics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Behind the glasses, you’ll also find that Dr. Dan is fascinated by how today’s media affects the pediatric population. In fact, he co-created the Weissbluth Method Infant Nap App, the Weissbluth Method Toddler Bedtime App, and the Weissbluth Method Parenting Myth App for mobile devices. In addition, he co-authored Sleep Consult with his father, Marc Weissbluth. Dr. Dan also regularly contributes to the blog, Weissbluth Pediatrics where he shares his practical thoughts on trending parenting concerns, debunks popular mommy myths and hands out useful advice on a variety of topics. Though Dr. Dan is a technology man, he still appreciates simple ingenuity, just like in his favorite children’s book, Burt Dow Deep Water Man.

  • Zeba Hasan

    Zeba Hasan


    Sharing Dr. Dan’s love for a good cup of coffee, Dr. Zeba joined Weissbluth Pediatrics in the Fall of 2013. From Kansas City and trained in Phoenix, she is fluent in medical Spanish and has clinical interests in nutrition, asthma, and allergies. She can be found around town enjoying music and art and loves Chicago (even winters!)

  • Michelle Martinez

    Michelle Martinez


    Born and raised in Chicago, Michelle’s last position was teaching children how to swim at the Goldfish Swim School. She likes to rollerblade around town when she is not studying towards her biology Major. Her favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess.

  • Alisa Laskowski, R. N.

    Asha Ramachandran,

    M.D., F.A.A.P.

    Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana(and forever a Saints and LSU Tigers football fan), Dr. Asha moved to Chicago for her Pediatric training in 2000. After spending several years practicing in Texas, she is thrilled to be back and enjoying the city’s ever-changing restaurant scene. She joined Weissbluth Pediatrics in the Spring of 2014. Her professional interests include newborn care, pediatric acute care and the wise advice of pre-schoolers.

  • Sami Skladany, R.N.

    Sami Skladany, R.N.

    Registered Nurse

    In a practice that prides itself on good sleepers, it is pure coincidence that one of Sami’s favorite books is The Napping House by Audrey and Don Wood. She is originally from Florida and has always known that she wanted a career in helping children. Her background as the neighborhood babysitter was great practice for nursing school as well as babysitting the staff at Weissbluth Pediatrics since 2013!

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